I love hard cider.  Check that I love homebrewed hard cider.  I’ve made close to a hundred gallons of it the past 2-3 years.  For the majority of them ive used store bought juice.  Today I’m doing a side by side of juice and fresh pressed cider (thanks mike schlachter).  Both batches are 5gals, same yeast, same fermenters.  Original gravity on the two differed slightly, 1050 for the juice and 1046 for the cider.  Cider had a distinct apple peel taste while the juice was cleaner and sweeter.  The four points difference really showed.  Yeast pitched was second generation of a blend of white labs cal ale V and wyeat 1056.  Both 8gal fermenters got a quart of slurry pitched at 66°.  At the least its going to be a tasty experiment.   Tune in in a few weeks for the results.