We’re having a cold spell where I live in pa and my basement is holding a temp of about 50 degrees.   To some that might mean long johns or another log in the fireplace,  but to us brewers it means lager time.  A cool unfinished basement is a brewers friend no matter the season,  in the summer mine rarely gets above 66.  In the winter months 50 is the norm.  I like dark beers so I’m doing a cycle of dark lagers this year.  Schwarzbier,  doppelbock, and baltic porter.   First up a schwarzbier inspired by jamils recipe.

Based on 75% efficiency

6lbs munich

3lbs pilsner

1lb victory

8 oz crystal 40

8 oz chocolate malt

4 oz roasted barley

4oz black patent

20 grams of 10% magnum for 90 mins to equal 30 ibu

Og should be around 1.050-2

Cooled to 50 degrees in fridge and pitched saflager 23

Fermented for 17 days inthe low 50s 4 day diacytl rest gradual to 68.