The nhl’s lockout mercifully ended sunday morning so I decided to have a beverage to celebrate.   I’ve been saving a Samiclaus dopplebock for a special occasion,  and what better one than that?

Where to start with this one?   Well it’s a 14% lager,  nose is raisins, caramel,  and booze I couldn’t detect any hop aroma.  Color probably falls around 20 srm,  dark amber not quite red.  This beer tastes like caramel covered raisins,  faint vanilla and again no hops. For a 14 % beer its pretty easy drinking, II’ve had the Samiclaus helles and didn’t enjoy it half as much as this dopple (triple? ) bock.

Oh, I also quaffed a bottle of Lagunitas brown Shugga for good measure.